Multi-talented musician Radie Peat is best known as a prominent member of the internationally acclaimed Irish folk band Lankum. The Dublin native’s musical journey began at a young age, influenced by her family’s strong connection to Irish traditional music. She initially learned to play the concertina, later adding the tin whistle, accordion, banjo, ukulele, and harp to her repertoire. Peat’s contributions to Lankum as a vocalist and instrumentalist alongside her three fellow members make for an experimental take on folk that sees the band perform live with 30 instruments. Lankum is celebrated for its ability to create a musical experience that is both hauntingly traditional and strikingly contemporary. This year, their new album False Lankum was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize – making it the first folk album to be nominated in 11 years.
In May of this year, Peat announced the formation of a new four-part band called ØXN with the release of its six-track debut. With reviews describing it as “full of unsettling magic” and a “modern masterpiece”, the band’s trajectory looks bright. Peat has made significant contributions to the contemporary folk music scene with her distinctive voice, instrumental skills, and deep appreciation for traditional Irish music, making her the worthy honouree of our 2023 Music award.

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