Dublin-born Orla Guerin is a distinguished journalist with a career spanning several decades. She has become one of the most prominent international correspondents, known for her fearless reporting from some of the world’s most challenging and conflict-ridden regions.
With a passion for uncovering untold stories and a commitment to truth and accuracy, Guerin has consistently provided viewers with a deeper understanding of global events. Guerin began her career as a journalist in Ireland, becoming RTÉ’s youngest foreign correspondent when she was sent to Eastern Europe at the age of 23 in 1990. Guerin’s reports from Eastern Europe for RTÉ Radio earned her a Jacob’s Award in 1992 before joining the BBC, where she has played a pivotal role as a Senior International correspondent for the last 20 years.
Her work has taken her to numerous conflict zones, from the Middle East to Africa, where she has often been on the front lines, capturing the human stories behind the headlines. As we speak, Guerin is reporting as the BBC’s senior correspondent in Ukraine, a post she has held since Russia’s invasion. As Irish Tatler’s winner of the international award for 2023, Orla Guerin is recognised for her unwavering commitment to shedding light on the human experience behind the headlines.

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